Worship is at the center of all we do at Saint John's. There are many ways you might spend your Sunday, but choosing to worship - connecting with God and a community of friends - helps each of us live the rest of the week a bit differently. Through worship and music, we are called out of our everyday lives and into an encounter with God in Christ. 

The Episcopal Church is a liturgical tradition - which means we are rooted in an ancient rhythm of prayer. We follow the Book of Common Prayer, which helps us know what to expect each time we worship. Over time, the familiarity with liturgy allows you to focus on your spiritual life and a real encounter with God. It gives you words and a framework for a life of prayer.

We offer services at various times and in numerous styles so our parishioners can find just the right fit. On Sundays, we have Rite I Eucharist at 7:30 am, which is a smaller service without music or choir, and Rite II Eucharist at 11:15 am, a more formal service with organ, choir and singing. Between these services, at 9 am we have a family-oriented Holy Communion service. In the afternoon at 5:30 pm we offer a High Mass with Gregorian Chant with Choral Evensong replacing it on the last Sunday of the month. Services are in the Church.

During the week, we offer Holy Communion on Wednesdays at 5:15 pm in the Church.