Prayer Anytime

You are invited to submit prayer requests to Saint John’s by calling the church office, submitting an online form, or filling out a prayer card in the pews. The Daily Office service leaders, and several of our lay ministry groups, are committed to daily prayer for concerns of the parish and our friends.

Prayer During Worship

During most worship services, the intercessor shares the names of those in need of prayers (as made known to the church office) and our priest frequently offers a blessing over prayer quilts. A moment of silence is kept for all to speak aloud their own petitions and thanksgivings.

The Daily Office

This is an ancient practice that uses daily prayers to mark the times of the day. For Episcopalians, this generally comes in the form of the two main offices – Daily Morning Prayer and Daily Evening Prayer. They may be led by lay people and are said communally or individually. We offer this prayer tradition most weekdays in the church.