"Why?" Wednesdays

Whether you grew up in an Episcopal church, another church, or no church at all, it is common to have questions about our religious practices, terms and traditions. In a new video series we call "Why?" Wednesdays, Father David answers the most frequently asked questions he hears.

Here at Saint John's Church, we hope these insights help you understand our worship services or faith community just a little bit better. We will have a new segment for you most Wednesdays.

If you’ve got a question about Saint John’s or the Episcopal Church, you may email it to: why@sjtulsa.org. As the year progresses, we will share Father David's weekly video answers to our commonly asked inquiries.

Come back each week, or visit our Facebook page, for new answers to "church stuff." Scroll down to see more videos.

Thanks for tuning in and have a blessed day!

September 8, 2021 - What's Up with that Eagle?


September 1, 2021 - What's is a Narthex? (And other names of places in the church)


August 17, 2021 - What is that Thing? (The Baptismal Font)


August 11, 2021 - What is a Cassock?


August 4, 2021 - What are all those Different Colored Books in the Pews?


July 29, 2021 - Why are most Episcopal Church Doors Red?


July 23, 2021 - What does IHS Mean?


July 7, 2021 - What is a Vestry?


June 30, 2021 - What are Feast Days?


June 23, 2021 - Why do the Colors Change in the Church During the Year?


June 16, 2021 - What is a Liturgical Church? https://www.facebook.com/sjtulsa/videos/1508970826122391

June 9, 2021 - Who can be an Acolyte?


May 19, 2021 - What does the Word Episcopal Mean?


May 12, 2021 - Why do We Sit, Stand and Kneel so Often?


May 5, 2021 - Why am I called a Rector?