Stewardship Campaign 2022: Refresh!


It's quite hard to believe I have been here long enough to be writing my first stewardship letter to you! The winter, spring, and summer months seemed to have whipped by. Now as the weather turns cooler and we look towards the end of this year and the beginning of the next, I hope you are feeling refreshed by the change in season as well as this new season of ministry here at Saint John's.

Beka and I certainly feel that way. We have felt the warmth of your welcome here and despite the real challenges of clerical transition, moving across the country, and another year of my own armchair epidemiology, we feel as if we have settled into the community very well. As you can imagine, part of settling into any new call is kicking the tires and seeing where there are some issues for the leadership and community to solve together. Just like any parish in Christ's Church, we have our fair share! But I believe strongly that the same God who gave his Son for us such that we would be invited into eternal life with him is the same God who watches over and cares for His Church. With that in mind, I'd like to share just a bit my perspective on what I find exciting about our ministry here at Saint John's, and why Beka and I look forward to continuing our own financial gift.

Please see the insert pages below with a bit more about our 2021 stewardship campaign and goals!

I’m excited by a parish church that takes its liturgical offering seriously. The beauty of Saint John’s Sunday liturgical offering and the faithful daily prayers of the Church are sure signs that Christ’s light and hope are alive among us. Of course, a sense of Christ’s beauty, truth, and goodness abounds across our beautiful physical plant. Every day I walk across the parking lot from our wonderful parsonage to the main church, I feel a sense of anticipation as I know that some aspect of our prayer, our plant, or our personnel will bring some new awareness of how God has been to us at Saint John’s.

I’m excited about how the community is ready to hear and learn. I’ve had such a great time teaching a little survey course on Church History. Most of the good time has come from the impressive group that has met to talk through it with me (even enduring a little pop quiz). But even as I enjoy my contributions to the parish’s formation, I am so heartened to see our children’s ministry begin to settle into what I hope will become a joyous laboratory of faith for the parish’s children. One of my favorite moments as a priest, a moment that happens again and again with enough grace, is that moment when one of Jesus’ students “gets it.” Child or adult, I love to see a flash of understanding, when heart and mind become one and the person is refreshed by God’s Wisdom.

I’m excited for the opportunity ahead of us. Soon, you will see a budget that I think reflects both where we are and where we will be going. The topline number you will see represents both our current needs as well as some needed expansion for our staff, especially as we look to hire and train a new cleric as well as a lay staff member to assist with youth and families. My prayer is that this next year will be filled with yet more opportunities for the joy of Christian fellowship and yet more capacity to bless our beloved congregation and city with the light of the Gospel. Thus, I hope you will continue your generous giving to this great parish. May God refresh us this coming season and grant us the grace to love and serve Jesus!

To make your pledge, simply return the pledge card to the church office, or pledge online at the "Campaign 2022" page under this website's "Giving" tab. Pledge cards will be mailed the week of October 27 and will also be available in the pews.

Faithfully yours,

Father David+