Search Process Update

As of late-September, a total of eleven highly qualified candidates submitted resumes for the position of rector of Saint John’s Episcopal Church.

On September 10, the search committee held a Zoom conference with Canon Eric Cooter of the Oklahoma Diocese to review the search criteria and begin its work. Committee members are Jeff Baum (chairperson), Susan Walker, Kay Owens, Lise Dean, Trent Shores, Jace Pavlik and Marc McCaw. Doug Crews and Jim Hicks serve as liaisons with the Vestry. 

The church's search process proceeds as planned and as reflected in the detailed update in the September printed parish newsletter (you can see this under the "connect" tab on the newsletter page on this website). The bishop's office conducted the first phase of this process (applications and qualifications review).

In October the search committee reviewed the initial candidates and selected six to look into more deeply.

As of early November, the search committee presented their top two recommendations of candidates to the Vestry for consideration.

Early in the month of December, it is anticipated that final candidates will visit the city of Tulsa as part of their interview process with the Vestry and the Bishop.

Please continue to lift our church's committee in your prayers as they proceed in this process toward calling the next rector to be called to lead our church family.