Altar Guild

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a dedicated group of women that makes sure the details of every service are taken care of - from flowers, to bread and wine, to linens and vestments.  You'll recognize the women who serve on this guild by the blue coats they wear when serving. There are several teams within the Altar Guild that rotate week to week.  They all meet quarterly with the Directress and Rector.  For more information contact the church office, 918-742-7381.

Additionally within the Guild there are two Committees:AGCandle

Bread Committee

This group rotates the responsibility of freshly baking the delicious bread we use weekly for the Eucharist. To join the bakers, contact the church office, 918-742-7381.


Flower Committee

This talented group arranges the beautiful flowers and greenery that beautify our Sanctuary each week. For more information, contact the church office, 918-742-7381.



The Altar Guild invites you to please consider honoring a loved one, celebrate a birthday, anniversary, birth or adoption of a baby, or any special occasion by making a donation to the Altar Guild. From week to week, flowers for the Altar cost $100 -$150.  Funds for the Altar Guild also provide the wine, linens and candles used every week during services including weddings and funerals. Envelopes for donations are available in the pews each week. Please make checks payable to St. John’s Altar Guild.