Prayers & Squares

Prayers & Squares

Prayers and Squares is a group of volunteers who make quilts for those who are injured, gravely ill, or those suffering from any grief or trouble. Quilts are dedicated on Sunday mornings with special prayers and blessings of the quilts at the Altar. Parishioners tie knots in the quilts, adding their prayers and wrapping the recipient in the arms of our loving community. St. John’s is one of over 700 Prayers and Squares chapters. All are welcome, even those who don't know how to sew! 

The group meets in the Basement of Saint John's:

  • 1st Tuesday at 1pm 
  • 3rd Sunday following the 10am service

To request a quilt, for more information, or to offer your time and talent - please contact the church office, 918.742.7381.