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Music at Saint John's

“When in our music God is glorified,
and adoration leaves no room for pride,
it is as though the whole creation cried, Alleluia!”

      - F. Pratt Green

Hundreds of people visit Saint John’s because of our musical offerings. Music touches hearts, and it is only fitting that it plays a key role in our worship. We know that music expresses what words alone cannot.

Our youth and adult choirs provide music on Sundays throughout the year and at special concerts and events. Music in an integral part of the life of Saint John's church and a glorious gift we share with our members and the community.

Recent musical offerings on Sundays include:


Sunday, October 22, 2017: The Offertory Anthem (Adrian Batten's “O sing joyfully”) - listen here

Sunday, December 10, 2017: The Processional Hymn ("Lift Up Your Heads", Hymnal 1982, Hymn 436) - listen here

Sunday, December 10, 2017: The Offertory Anthem (William Matthias' "Lift Up Your Heads") - listen here

For more information, please contact our Organist and Choirmaster, Joseph Arndt for details


Music Ministry Staff:

Joseph Arndt, Organist/Choirmaster
Adam Pajan, Artist-in-Residence
Carteena Robohm, Assistant Choirmaster
Meray Boustani and Whitney Hollis, Soprano Section Leaders
Rachel Horton, Alto Section Leader
Daniel Frerichs, Tenor Section Leader
Tim Petty and Kelly DeLameter, Bass Section Leaders