Life Milestones

Life Milestones

Because we value relationships and community, during our worship we regularly take time to ackowledge individual and family milestones. We want to share those moments with you and remind you of God's active work and presence in your life!

Milestones include:

Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries

When people reach these important milestones each year, it’s good to give thanks to God for divine blessings and to ask for continued blessings. At every Sunday service, people celebrating birthdays and anniversaries are invited to come forward for prayers. 

Blessing of a Driver’s License

When a young person first begins to drive, usually at age 16, it’s good to ask God’s blessings as that young person enters this new stage of maturity. During a Sunday service, the rector will say prayers for the new driver and bless car keys and driver’s license.