Garden of Hope

Garden of Hope

For the needy shall not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the poor perish forever. (Ps 9:18)

For several years St. John’s has supported a community garden on campus.  The food grown supports Iron Gate and other partner agencies.  It is worked completely by volunteers who till, plant, water, and harvest the lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, squash and other produce.

To help plant the seeds of outreach, volunteerism and grow future gardeners, the children of Saint John's maintain their own Garden of Hope.

You can be a Keeper of the Garden! Volunteers are needed April through October to help tend the Garden.

The tasks are:

  1. Water the garden, as needed based on weather
  2. Weed the garden - not so much to do here
  3. Harvest the produce - the fun part!
  4. Take the produce to Iron Gate*, 501 S. Cincinnati, 8:30 am-12:30 pm; the entrance is under the portico near the playground on the east side; ring the bell for entry

Volunteer for one week, starting on a Sunday

No experience is necessary. Training and mentoring available.

Contact the church office - 918.742.7381 to volunteer or for more information; Paula Rule for information on the Children's Garden.

*If taking the produce to Iron Gate is an issue, we have parishioners who work downtown who are willing to deliver.