St. John’s is a beautiful setting for a wedding. We normally reserve the church for weddings of people who already have a connection to St. John’s, for example people actively attending St. John’s, or people who used to be members of St. John’s but have moved away.

When one of the priests at St. John’s agrees to officiate at a wedding, the priest schedules with the couple several sessions to help prepare them not just for the wedding but for married life. Normally, clergy make use of “Prepare/Enrich”, a diagnostic tool that has proven to be an effective resource in guiding people through pre-marital preparation.

It’s important to contact the church well in advance of the wedding. St. John’s has policies governing a variety of aspects of church weddings, and we also follow diocesan policies in cases of remarriage.

To discuss the possibility of a wedding at St. John’s, please contact the church office - 918.742.7381.