Funerals & Burial

When a person dies, it’s good for the church to be involved in comforting loved ones and celebrating the person’s life. On the occasion of a death, there are a variety of options for people to commemorate the occasion:

  • Burial from the church. A public service happens in the church, and then the Priest goes with family and loved ones to a cemetery for burial.
  • Interment of remains at St. John’s Church. We have a columbarium and a memorial garden, where cremated remains can be interred. After a service in the church, we normally process directly to the location for interment.
  • A memorial service. Occasionally there is a desire for a service to remember someone who has died, even though the body or remains will not be present.

We encourage people to forms in advance indicating their preferences for burial plans. Those forms are kept at the church. To discuss a funeral, please contact the church office.