Leadership Saint John's

At Saint John’s we believe strongly in being committed to discipleship, to formation, and above all training leaders of the church to continue in the ministry God calls all of us to. Leadership Saint John's is a program to empower our high-school aged members that they are not the future of Saint John's but are already present members and even leaders of the church. 

Leadership training is something which is beneficial for all and it is something which can help enrich lives outside of the social circles of church and help youth in engaging with peers as well as adults in expressing their ministry and their passions. The program helps equip youth for ministry, as well as prepare them for what comes after high school.

Led by Fr. Andrew Scott and parishioner Kenna Mitchell, the program emphasizes what tools are necessary to communicate and implement an individual’s leadership style. 

We are committed to the growth and formation of all members of Saint John’s and above all we are committed to the work God has put in front of us. 

  • We hold monthly meetings with each month covering a different area of leadership with guest speakers coming to work with the youth both from within and without Saint John’s
  • Youth commit to be involved in a particular ministry of Saint John’s (e.g. Vestry, Outreach Committee etc.) with a summative project at the end of the year involving that particular ministry

For more information on Leadership Saint John's, contact Fr. Andrew Scott