St. John's Online School

Welcome to St. John’s Online School!

This is our own online school where you can take dozens of courses. They take about 45 minutes to complete and include video, quizzes, and discussion forums.

If you'd like to see what it's like to learn about faith online, you may first want to take a free class called How to Take an Online Class, which you can take by clicking here

If you'd like to be enrolled and begin taking online courses at St John’s Online School contact the church office, 918-742-7381.





   The Episcopal Tradition with Frank Wade 
   Introducing Episcopal Worship with James Hamilton
   Holy Communion 101 with James Hamilton
   Introducing Christian Baptism with Anne Kitch
   How to Simplify Your Life with Mark Scandrette
   How to Pray with Christopher Martin
   Grieving Well with Andrew Gerns 
   How to Forgive with Virginia Holeman