Children's Sunday School Curriculum

Children's Sunday School Curriculum 

Sunday School is an integral part to our children’s faith formation. It lays a strong foundation to a person’s education as a Christian, an education which is a life-long process.  

The current structure of children’s Sunday School includes three classes: Elementary, Middle and High School. Classes meet during the academic year on Sunday mornings at 9am, before the 10am service and run concurrently with the Adult Classes.  

Elementary Class: Weaving God's Promises

An Episcopal Bible-based program rooted in the liturgical year with emphasis on worship, education and service as the threefold components of Christian living. The format includes prayer, story, multiple activities according to age level, connections to Episcopal traditions and seasons.

Middle School: Submerge

A one-year Bible survey that follows the Christian Year for middle school age students. The year goes sequentially through the major Bible stories. This curriculum emphasizes nurturing faithful relationships.

High School: Feasting on the Word

By intentional connection of worship and faith formation, leaders and learners will find their Christian faith enhanced when the Scriptures read and proclaimed in worship reinforce and expand what is explored during their educational time. This curriculum is lectionary based and uses commentary style to explore the lectionary passages each week.

As we aim to nurture the spiritual lives of the children, we also want to provide a safe, clean, and happy environment for the youngest members of our church family. All staff and volunteers working with children and youth have completed the diocesan training, “Safeguarding God’s Children.”