Adult Classes

Adult Classes

Saint John’s is a church where you can truly grow in your faith and be formed as a disciple of Jesus Christ. From Sunday morning classes and discussion groups, to midweek Bible studies and prayer groups, there are many options for adults to choose from. We believe that being part of community is essential to developing a solid faith.



Christian Formation - Sundays, 9am

Classes and discussion groups for adults are held in Powell Hall and the Library on the main level at 9am.


Weekday Classes

Women’s Bible Studies

There three opportunities for women of all ages to study Scripture together. Each class is facilitated by parishioner Beth Dunkin. Contact Beth for details -

  • Monday -  Noon-1pm in the Library (Ground Level)
  • Tuesday -  Practically Christian – 11am-Noon in the Conference Room (Upper Level)
  • Thursday – 11am-Noon in the Conference Room (Upper Level)

 Current Study: Studying the Book of Genesis, Mondays;

                       Slaying Your Goliaths, Tuesdays & Thursdays


Weekly Discussion - Wednesdays, 6:30pm

A weekly, "book club" discussion held Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the Common Room. The book is available from

Current study: On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision led by parishioner Paul Hatley, Professor of History at Rogers State University.


Rector's Bible Study - Thursdays, 1:30pm

Join the Rev. Irv Cutter for an in-depth study of Holy Scriptures in the Library. This class is open to all. Come and bring a friend.

Current study:  The Acts of the Apostles