Brief History

Saint John's began as a mission church of Trinity Parish, as part of the vision of the Rev. Dr. Edward H. Eckel in the 1940s. He sought to plant four Episcopal Churches across  Tulsa, establishing an Episcopal presence and making Christ accessible to a growing city.

Years later, construction for Saint John's began in 1950 under the leadership of the Rev. C Clyde Hoggard. Starting with 54 families, the congregation grew so quickly that a year and a half later after the building was complete plans began for a new sanctuary. By 1955, the parish had grown to 407 active families and the congregation petitioned to become a full parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma. Construction began again, and on Sunday, May 26, 1957, the first service in the current sanctuary was held with 470 persons attending.

Today, Saint John's continues to be a vibrant Episcopal Church, with over 900 members from all over the Tulsa-metro. We continue to live into Fr. Eckel's mission driven spirit today.